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The advantages

ReVeste takes a weight off your mind, leaving you to the core business: retail.
There are many advantages to subcontracting your retail property management, including:

 Your own property manager who knows your wishes and portfolio inside-out and represents your interests at all times.

 Full commercial and administrative management, or the choice of specific areas only.

 A sounding post for all your commercial property issues, small and large. Property managers who help you consider the various factors regarding retail, who create chances and avoid risks.

 Access to extensive professional knowledge, years of experience in retail property and a large network. We are never out of the loop.

 Additional options and opportunities and a strong position in negotiations for your organisation. ReVeste represents several retail organisations and has knowledge of and insight into a range of portfolios, benefiting its customers on several fronts simultaneously.

 With up-to-date facts and figures, we are always aware of and have a clear understanding of the latest state of affairs. Being out of the loop will be a worry of the past.

 You can rest assured that you will always be abreast of rental agreements and related compliance and monitoring. ReVeste is always on top of the latest state of affairs and requirements.

Simon Lévelt