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Our choices

ReVeste chooses to:

 Collaborate with retail organisations
ReVeste chooses to work for retail organisations rather than landlords.
A choice of principle, this determines our position in the retail property sector. Operating solely from a retail perspective enables us to competently and knowledgeably consult with landlords without a conflict of interest, allowing us to always achieve the best result for our clients.

 Always have its clients’ interests at heart
Our clients can rest assured that a single party always has its interests at heart. For retail organisations collaborating with ReVeste, retail property is represented by one party, providing a single contact point and thus clear communication. Our client’s have their ‘own’ property department assigned to them, which operates throughout the Netherlands.

 Create synergy
Representing a range of branches and retail organisations, we can reap the benefits of synergy on several fronts. Your organisation and property interests repeatedly come up in our daily contact with various parties in the property sector. Our knowledge of and insight into the range of portfolios we manage often results in additional options and unexpected opportunities for our clients.

 A well-balanced client base
The retail organisations we represent are not competitors in their sector or market segment. We strive towards a well-balanced client base, with the combination of sectors and clients that will enable us to produce the best results.

Simon Lévelt